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With roots tracing back to the beginning of the 20th century, Modern School, Barakhamba Road is perhaps the institution which has pioneered and defined secondary education in India. Established in the year 1920, the school served not only as an institution of quality education, but was an instrumental support system associated with India's freedom struggle. The pillars of the schools were established upon the values of patriotism, unity and strength. Modern is perhaps the best example of reconciling India's cultural ethos with a progressive outlook. Situated in a sprawling 26 acre campus, holistic development has been the focus of the school since its inception. With the philosophy of "self-realization cannot be achieved by the weak willed", the school prides itself on the constant and regular development of true leaders. Leaders that believe in leadership being a responsibility not a reward , those who believe in giving back to the society, and making this world a better place. It is in this context, that Modern School, Barakhamba Road hosts its annual Model United Nations conference in an endeavour to further this philosophy and truly catalyse change.

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About ModMUN and the Model UN Society

Modern School revolutionised the concept of Model UN when the Model UN Society hosted its first conference in October 2011. Breaking all conventions, ModMUN 2011 which attracted over 100 international students from the world over, it went on to become not only the biggest MUN in Asia, but also one of great prestige. The following year ModMUN 2012 came back better than ever building on the success of ModMUN 2011, in 2013, ModMUN preceded their expectations achieving almost 900 students from around the globe. It was considered to be the largest student organised MUN in India.

Parallel to the successes of the conferences, the society which hosts it has also redefined the arena of Model UN. Since its inception, the Model UN Society of Modern School, Barakhamba road has gone on to make its presence felt in the most prestigious of conferences in the city, the country, and the world.

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